ABUJA — The arrest of Sadiq Aminu Ogwuche, mastermind of Nyanya bomb blast, was made possible through on-going collaboration of Nigeria and Sudan’s intelligence community, Sudanese High Commissioner to Nigeria, Dr. Tagelsir Mahgoub Ali, revealed to Vanguard, weekend.

Ambassador Ali, who spoke about the role of his country’s security agencies in the arrest of Ogwuche in Sudan, in an exclusive interview with Vanguard in Abuja, also revealed that Nigerian visa applicants were now required to come with verifiable references as proof of not having any connection with extremists or terrorists organisations.

Ogwuche, fingered as the mastermind of Nyanya blasts that claimed over 70 lives, was declared wanted alongside one other, with a bounty of N25million placed on his head by Nigerian security forces.

Speaking on the arrest of the Boko Haram member, awaiting extradition from Sudan, Ambasador Ali said: “Of course, the news that Sudan learnt from here in Nigeria that one of the people involved in the explosions is in Sudan, therefore, the security personnel in Sudan started the search for this person and they finally laid hands on him and certain arrangements have to be done through the Interpol to hand the culprit over to Nigeria.

“How he sneaked into the country, we checked here and definitely didn’t go through this embassy because we learnt that he has got a British passport and he might have used his British passport to sneak into the country so that he cannot be detected by the Sudanese authorities.

“But our security people were very alert. When they learnt about the news, they immediately took action and I think that is very important just to show Nigeria that we will not allow such persons to go free in Sudan.
SOURCE : http://www.vanguardngr.com/2014/05/nyanya-mastermind-arrested-sudan-envoy/